Is This The Last Chance for Low Rates?

Lower Interest Rate Lower Interest Rate Scam: How It Works (with recording of a real scammer below) The phone rings.You answer. An automated voice mentions the burden of high-interest rates and asks if you’re interested in a lower interest rate for your credit card or mortgage.

Two florida reverse mortgage companies adjust to changing market with merger Two Florida reverse mortgage companies adjust to changing market with merger Historical index data is available back to the original start date of the MBA weekly mortgage application survey in 1990, with all unadjusted indexes equal to 100.00 for the week of March 16, 1990.

Hence, the bell is slowly tolling on historically low mortgage rates. It’s important to note that mortgage rates are still low. They averaged around 7% from the 1990s through the financial crisis.

Last Chance for Cheap Mortgage Rates! Sep 28, 2015.. (Fed) monetary policy, held off again on increasing its historically low interest rate. This decision came on the heels of an unprecedented seven-year era of short term interest rates near 0%. Although the timing is uncertain, it is likely.

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While many economists are predicting that this upward trend will continue in 2017 I’ve been reading lately that the last meeting of the Federal Reserves in December could trigger a temporary rate drop. This means December could be your last chance to grab a low interest rate for awhile.

“We are seeing more people take advantage of low interest rates with. there's a chance you won't stay in your home long enough to break.

In UK economic terms, today saw the release of September’s Halifax house prices figure, which fell below forecast to a 6-year.

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