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At the time astrology was set up, the zodiac was divided into 12 sectors called signs (Figure 2.15), each 30 long. Each sign was named after a constellation in the sky through which the Sun, Moon, and planets were seen to pass-the sign of Virgo after the constellation of Virgo, for example.

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As the very first of the passenger variants, the L649 and the L-749 were more powerful and had more fuel in the wings than the original World War II L-049. Later came the longer L-1049 Super Constellation and the L-1649 Starliner, with an all-new wing.

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The term "zodiac constellation" applies to a group of stars that lies in the area of sky measured by the zodiac. Different cultures, and even the same cultures at different periods of history, have recognized varying numbers of constellations in this region of the sky, as adjustments were made to constellation boundaries.

On request by Eastern Air Lines the engineers of Lockheed had developed an external freight container which fitted underneath the Lockheed Constellation. It was the L-649 version of the Constellation that first fitted the speedpack. The bulky container was over 10 meters in length, over 2 meters in width and almost 1 meter in depth.

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Carina is a constellation in the southern sky. It means the keel of a ship in Latin.Before, it was part of the constellation named argo navis.Then, Argo Navis was split into three constellations. The astronomer named ptolemy listed argo Navis when he made a list of 666 constellations. Carina is one of the 0 modern constellations that were made by the International Astronomical Union.

Initially, there were 13 constellations in the Babylonian zodiac, with the Ophiuchus constellation also in the sun’s path. This didn’t fit neatly in the 12-month calendar, so for whatever reason, Ophiuchus was left out. Does this mean that you’re now am a member of a zodiac sign that was trashed thousands of years ago?

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