Banking industry has yet to see all Dodd-Frank has to offer

The industry has long been in a state of improving its processes – it has always been willing to use new technologies in a bid to make its services more efficient. However, more recently, the speed and frequency with which new technologies continue to emerge have left the banking industry struggling to keep up.

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MORE ON THE PRESSER FROM POLITICO’s hardworking Jennifer. t move legislation on its own – the Senate Banking Committee supports Dodd-Frank – the House panel can work its will in other ways. And it.

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Feb. 1, 2017: This story has been clarified. Now that Donald Trump is president, the banking industry is well on its way to accomplishing what has been its top priority goal for years: upending Dodd-Frank, the massive regulatory law that emerged from the financial crisis.. congress passed the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act in 2010, two years after the worst economic.

The author commented: Although bankers have complained of excess regulation, the FDIC report shows that the industry. banking. Best of all for the bankers, they suffered no clawbacks when their.

"I don’t see this going. the CFPB has been a point of political contention since its creation was legislated by the Dodd-Frank Act of 2010. After the bureau’s formation, Republicans and the.

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Fed is also the supervisor of all BHCs (bank holding companies), which tend to own the largest banks. Under Dodd-Frank, Fed also supervises the largest systemically important financial institutions of all types (includes all banking organizations with over $50 billion in assets), and nonbank fshc subs.

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Keywords: Dodd- Frank Act, financial regulation, benefits and costs. The Dodd-. Frank has either harmed both financial stability and.. the whole U.S. financial system in danger, a.. quired to meet or exceed all regulatory capital. This strategy offers the benefit of allowing the.. Yet while complying with the living will.

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