You may still owe money after a foreclosure or short sale

Second, they may spend money to foreclose to receive little or nothing if your home lacks enough value at foreclosure sale or auction. against borrowers even after the lien holder has foreclosed.

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In particular, it prevents you from putting a large sum of money. owe on your mortgage). You may have to stop making your mortgage payments to pressure your lender to sign off on a short sale. If.

Freddie Mac and fannie mae require at least a two-year wait, possibly four years without extenuating circumstances, compared to three or seven years for a foreclosure. Another plus to a short sale is that you might be able to avoid a deficiency judgment, where the lender can come after you for the shortfall between the sales price and loan balance.

Deficiency judgments sometimes pop up after foreclosure or short sale.Homeowners are often surprised to receive them, and this is usually because they don’t get the right legal or tax advice in advance.

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“You could sell your home, owe nothing more on your mortgage and get $30,000,” JPMorgan Chase & Co. said in the Aug. 17 letter obtained by Bloomberg News. they’re offered after the borrower has.

If the lender won’t agree to it or if you can’t find a buyer for your short sale, you may be able to negotiate a "deed-in-lieu of foreclosure," in which. to discovering that you still owe the.

You may not be able to get the lowest interest rate this soon after your bankruptcy. On the other hand, you should not accept being gouged and will need to shop around. In addition, you may get a better deal by arranging financing before you start shopping. The smaller the payment the better.

If you had gone through the short sale process with. to get a judgment against you after a foreclosure. If the lender failed to comply with these requirements, it may lose the right to come after.

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Moreover, any owed money after a foreclosure sale can often be eliminated through a bankruptcy, either before or after the foreclosure. If such a bankruptcy occurs, the lender will have few, if any, options for trying to collect this debt. Conclusion Although it is rare to owe money after a foreclosure sale, it is possible.

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