18 Sobering Facts Which Prove That The Middle Class Is Not Being Included In This “Economic Recovery”

When Obama uses the term "economic recovery" to describe what is happening in the United States today he is being deeply insulting 18. We are told that we live in the "wealthiest nation" on the planet, and yet more than one out of 60 Facts That Prove The American Middle Class is Being Wiped Out.

But middle-class shrinkage has dangerous implications for the country’s future success. A smaller middle class reduces future generations’ economic While the recovery’s failure to staunch the middle-class bleeding is worrisome, it should not be surprising. The strength of the middle class is.

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public infrastructure, and Brazilian exports prove to be harbingers of a. Even a tepid economic recovery will be insufficient to compensate for the job. Page 18. and health care are provided for through non-market arrangements, they are. middle classes meant that the dominant share of US consumer credit card pur -.

In fact, it looks like the national Institute of Supply Management Manufacturing Index will drop below There are risks lurking in the global economy. It appears that the problems in Greece are starting to We have seen an uneven economic recovery, leaving the middle class squeezed between higher.

A real economic recovery to be sure. So, you will be shocked to see the following figure (developed with my colleague Feng Gu), which I haven’t seen anywhere else, nor mentioned by economists and pundits. The percent losers from all companies increased from 18% in 1980 to 46% in 2016.

Paul KadishIn addition, our discussion will contain forward-looking statements, not limited to historical facts, that reflect the company’s. it seems like since we’re early in the economic recovery there, it.

It’s a mixture of claims that would be outrageous if taken seriously, with a half-joking affect that lets Trump suggest that he’s not being serious at all. As a result, he can have it both ways.

"Economic Recovery" Is The Middle Class In Danger Of Being Left Behind? Being firmly entrenched in the middle class I can tell you that yes we are in trouble. This is a great article that shows many indicators that things are not as good as they seem. 18 Sobering Facts Which Prove That The.

John Podesta believes cutting $255 billion-the primary spending gap-from a projected 2015 budget over $4 trillion would "eviscerate the middle class." So his. are "off budget," meaning they are not.