Ex-mortgage broker convicted in $2.4M mortgage scheme

Ex-mortgage broker convicted in $2.4M mortgage scheme – A former mortgage broker was sentenced to more than 11 years. in news/editorial journalism from the University of North Texas, and. MetLife exits forward mortgage business Wells Fargo Review. Wells Fargo & Company is one of the largest and best known banks in the world.

Even with the new two-year high in mortgage rates, the majority of the country continues to remain affordable. The average price was $229,000, up 8.4% from year-ago levels – only 15.2% from the June.

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A former Orlando-area bank executive has been charged with criminal bank fraud in an alleged scheme that used fabricated documents and a bogus land sale to bilk hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The perfect storm of economic and regulatory conditions is shifting gears for underwriting standards in the mortgage lending environment. While mortgage rates tick back up, some economists caution the.

For the remainder of the year and into 2014, a tremendous amount of demand will be felt on the production and sales side of the mortgage market, explained steve rennie, managing partner for.

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Residential mortgage-backed securitization issuance is on track to generate $12 billion in 2013, according to Standard & Poor’s. Contributing to this trend is Stanwich Mortgage, which announced a $260.

MountainView Servicing Group is managing the sale of $1.4 billion in mortgage servicing rights tied to enterprise loans. The offering, up for bid on August 29, includes both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Mortgage servicers modified 67,000 home loans in August, up 8% month-over-month, bringing the total amount of loans modified since 2007 to 5.4 million, Hope Now said Wednesday. Hope Now, a private.

Ex-mortgage broker convicted in $2.4M mortgage scheme GO Mortgage | Home Loans & Mortgage Rates – GO Mortgage specializes in assisting first-time home buyers, ensuring they receive competitive rates and excellent service. Most mortgage lenders require the borrower to work at least 30 days in their new role before continuing with loan approval.

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