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Authorizes the firebreak to be for a radius of up to 300 feet from the home or other structure, or to the property line, whichever distance is shorter. (Died in Senate Natural Resources and Wildlife Committee) SB 1259 (Murray-D) Public resources: Baldwin Hills Conservancy

. fire and to utilize natural or constructed firebreaks or fuelbreaks and.. follow the confidentiality requirements of chapter 246-100 WAC and.

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. dig line/construct fire break & other Forestry activities per SOC/OES 45-4011. Accuracy, confidentiality, comfort using systems, critical thinking and problem.

Firebreak Width In general, the width of the firebreak on the downwind side of the area to be burned should be ten times the height of the flammable vegetation within the burn unit. Firebreaks are usually a combination of bare ground, mowed strips, and backfired or blackened strips.

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 · Daisy paused to whisper confidentially into the mother’s ear: "Men are like bears," she murmured: "they may growl and snarl but get ’em warm an’ fill their bellies an’ they fall asleep!". and he knew that it may be necessary to sacrifice an undamaged building to create a firebreak and salvage what remained on the street — politics be damned.