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Often tired in the evening, but resist going to bed , only to feel wide awake at bed-time You feel exhausted in bed, but your mind won’t stop racing. Trouble getting to sleep, waking up at around 2:00 am. Often severe insomnia (61.8%) Afternoon energy crash

In writing this, Pat Brown reveals his ignorance about weeds evolving to resist Roundup and becoming “superweeds” now requiring more and more lethal herbicides. Bill Gates and DARPA are even calling.

Raise your awareness by recognizing the signs of emotional abuse. Decide it’s time to be different and support yourself, your mental and emotional needs in a meaningful and willful manner. Remember, long term emotional abuse can create all sorts of uncertainty, self doubt and self esteem issues, so give yourself some time heal.

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 · How do you have sex with your husband if he has a big belly? That may seem like a little out of the ordinary for a Reader Question of the Week, but it’s amazing how often I get it. Not to intentionally make a pun, but this is a big problem. When your husband is too fat, sex just often doesn’t.

But the story in the US is mostly in spinning the administration’s decision to start a war without Congressional approval and continue to resist Congressional calls for explanations as a policy.

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Gone were the insulated, comfortable days of elementary school, and my stomach was in knots. It will feel almost impossible to resist your mama-bear urges when your children are left out, excluded,

Though the toxic relationships you recently ended may be reawakened, resist the temptation to engage. You have too much happening in the present to be haunted by old ghosts from the past, Scorpio!

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 · Lightning crotch is a sudden, sharp pain that occurs in the pelvis, rectum, or vulva. Here’s the 411 on pregnancy lightning crotch, plus natural remedies!

A stomach ache can be tricky to pin down. Sometimes they show up for an identifiable reason (like a bad meal), but other times, they may show.

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