gasps applaud

Most voters watching the debate from home didn’t get to see what happened before and after President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney went on stage Tuesday. Even then, some.

The new NBA commissioner drew gasps of surprise Tuesday when he announced his penalty. Jordan was one of the many who cheered the work of Silver. "I applaud nba commissioner adam silver’s swift and.

[gasp, gahsp] See more synonyms for gasp on noun. a sudden, short intake of breath, as in shock or surprise. a convulsive effort to breathe. a short, convulsive utterance: the words came out in gasps.

Immediately after the demonstration, there were first gasps, then applause, then several shouts of "That’s impossible" and "H-how does it do that?" No word on when the feature will be available to.

He calls her up on stage but she is embarrassed and crushed, as her father was her hero. Somehow, he loses his footing and falls off of the stage. The crowd gasps, judgmentally. In present day, the Brothers applaud their new song along with Walt. Pamela can only say, "Why did you have to make him so cruel? He was not a monster!"

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Arriving in an all-black coat, she was reportedly met with cheers, gasps and the clicking of iPhones as patrons. Ms Kim went to the ice field post-match with the other officials to applaud the.

Me: I’m not going to be ashamed to call myself a Scrum Master any more. There are gasps. One woman suddenly starts to applaud, but trails off quickly when nobody else joins in. Two things should be.

The entire arena gasps when Americans Madison Chock and Evan Bates fall, then immediately applaud their quick rebound. # PyeongChang2018 # Olympics 7:21 PM – 19 Feb 2018 from Gangneung-si, Republic of Korea

The cop in the tram gasps, "We’re safe." Then bam. Finally the tram pulls into Roosevelt island. tourists applaud, gather up the kids and go on their way. But Kong – big guy, working stiff – is.

A chirpy master of ceremonies named maury Jasper (Mark Christopher Tracy) warms up the crowd and also instructs us on when to applaud and other matters of. but they’re close enough to elicit gasps.

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The man drew gasps from the audience with his suggestion.